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Introducing Sava OS

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The internet is vast, unsafe, and chaotic – especially to newcomers.

It’s like having a powerful computer full of ads and malicious software, with a command-line interface and no instructions. Yet, web browsers don’t do much to help us improve this experience.

Why does it have to be a chore to organize and manage everything we do online?

Why is it a struggle to find genuine content, trust a service, or gain online presence?

The internet is full of welcoming communities, meaningful resources, and great services that together can create a reliable and safe online platform. What’s missing is a home for these websites to live in harmony – together with our data.

Sava is that home

Sava’s core mission is to bring platform independence to everyone and helps you find what matters.

OS is a personal cloud operating system (cOS) made specifically for the internet, and built from the ground-up to natively run on any web browser.

It helps you manage your online data in one place. All in a package you already know how to use. Accessible anywhere.

OS is the first product in our lineup that will help us get a step closer to our vision.
Sava is a not-for-profit company based in Europe with the aim to create a fair, private, and secure system that benefits everyone – online & offline.

We envision a connected future.
We believe in privacy and freedom.
We’re building one platform for all screens.
Accessible to everyone on any connected device.
Join us.

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