Privacy & legal terms

Beta software

Sava OS is at an early beta stage

By beta we mean that our code is not yet well or fully tested. We are not held responsible if any data is lost, damaged, or suddenly made inaccessible. While we do our best to test our products before a new release to prevent such events from happening, we recommend that you keep weekly backups by exporting all your data as a bookmarks file (further options will be available in the future).


Your data is yours

We don’t use third-party analytics software.

We don’t observe what you are doing.

We don't track you with cookies.

We don’t sell or share any data.

We don’t save anything without your consent.

We implemented an application-level encryption method to keep all your data safe & secure - no one can snoop around.

Complete data anonymization!

Only you can unlock what is yours

With a complete data anonymization method built right at the core of Sava OS, no one can read your data, and no one can identify it to your account - even if we were forced to. There are no hidden backdoors or any universal keys we can use to access or unlock your account. This means that your data is not only encrypted using the latest advancements in encryption methods, but we also implemented a system so that your data is anonymous to the email address (the only accessible personal information to us).

Chrome extension permissions

To enable some of the features we offer in the Chrome extension, we need to request certain permissions. One of them is the ‘tabs’ permission. We request this to enable the session features. While this particular permission warning says ‘It could: Read your browsing history’ - it doesn’t mean that we do. In fact, we want to emphasize that we never save, send, or analyze any of your browsing history. The warning is only there to bring to your attention the fact that it is somewhat possible through this permission. The only data that is sent to our servers is the one you decide to save.

We understand that Chrome’s message can be misleading and that’s why we also plan to open-source the extension source-code in the coming future. The feature that requests this permission is made optional so that you can use the Chrome extension without ever enabling it.

Data in the browser

To provide a more performant and efficient experience, and to reduce network load requests, we save some of your data locally on the device you used to access your account. It is important to know that with certain skills, anyone with access to this browser/device might be able to view it. This data is only wiped/deleted when you sign out from your account.

While we have in mind to implement local-data encryption in the future, for now it is recommended to sign out from your Sava OS account on non-personal devices to keep your data completely safe.

If you have any other concerns regarding your data or privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acceptable use policy

You agree not to misuse our services or help anyone else to do so. By agreeing to use our service you are also agreeing not to:

  • Share illegal websites
  • Share websites that promote acts of hatred or unlawful discrimination against any person or group
  • Share websites that contain viruses or spam
  • Violate the privacy or infringe the rights of others
  • Use our service to send unsolicited communications, promotions or advertisements without obtaining prior authorization from us in writing
  • Probe, test or scan the vulnerability of our website
  • Breach or bypass security or authorization protocols
  • Access services which are not available for your account
  • Interfere with or disrupt any user, host, or network
  • Send altered communications on behalf of our website, including spoofing or phishing
  • Sell the services offered by our website

We hold the right to suspend accounts that do not confirm to the above acceptable use policy.


Browser cookies

We use cookies on your browser when you login or create an account to store your Sava OS credentials. This enables the auto-login feature when you revisit our website. All the cookies we use are deleted whenever you sign-out from your account. You can also remove or block these cookies from your browser.

We will be providing further details about any legal aspects later on.

You will always be notified via email before any privacy or legal changes take place.

Last updated: 23 November 2022